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A proud survivor of growing up poor in materialistic things, but not spiritually, Vastine motto is, “Born poor made my life rich!

Vastine East is a Strategist Motivational Speaker. Vastine helps Individuals and Organizations achieve their Strategic goals.

Vastine remember being an extremely curiously shy person who often kept his thoughts to himself. He did not know it then, but it was the Paradigms in the culture he loves that often spoke unwelcomed words about personal Dreams.

When Vastine was much younger, he remembers his mother often paced the floor during late night hours caring for him when he was often ill. It was her loving care of him that he believes instilled in him the desire to care for others.

It was the gift of a stick-horse that his mother purchased for him that he needed for a fourth-grade school play that absolutely endeared him in performing before people. It was his mother’s effort bringing the stick-horse during a rain blinding thunderstorm also demonstrated the gift of love and commitment. Upon graduating from elementary school, he gave the much-applauded graduating commencement speech. His shyness became a memory!

As Vastine grew older, wiser, and more knowledgeable, his love for oratory increased. His last two years of high school he excelled on the debate teams and speech tournaments. During his years in college, he excelled studying and enjoying speech and debate while studying Drafting as a major.

After college he worked 43 years as a Civil Structural Designer in the Oil & Gas Industry for a few of the world’s largest Engineering Companies. There he learned the power of collective intelligence among peoples from all walks of life. It is that exposure that gives Vastine an inside clue as to what he can do to inspire and further motivate people working together.

Growing up in the Church is the moral and spiritual beacon of his life. Having served as a student, as a leader in youth groups and at a young age in his twenties he acknowledged his calling into the ministry. He would later serve and lead a mourning Congregation during its period of grieving after the death of their Pastor of 40 years!

Never far away from the core of his inner dreams, Vastine found the will and courage to further his dream of studying acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Columbia School of Broadcasting, and The Institute of Children’s Literature. He quickly after the intense study at The Institute of Children’s Literature, published two children’s books: “Maasai Man” and “I Swam With An Angel.”

Today, Vastine is an orator, he is confident and microphone hungry. He is influencing and impacting lives! He is doing what he loves. He cares for people. He believes everyone deserves a chance to be free, knowing they have a resolved past. Free from the painful chains of their past, whether imposed or self inflected. He is doing what he loves because of the love from his mother, his family, community, and the many people that make up the world around him that are the winds in his sails!

Vision Statement

Vastine’s vision is to build a highly competitive and effective Leadership Training and Development business that will become number one choice for both individuals, community (secular & religious) and corporate organizations Globally.

Mission Statement

Vastine’s mission is to provide affordable professional, and highly effective Leadership training /coaching and Motivational speaking services to a wide range of clients that cuts across different divides Globally.

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What Groups I Service

What I Offer

Vastine helps clients identify and eliminate limiting beliefs.

Vastine helps them form a clearer and more realistic vision of their future.

Vastine works with clients to formulate an action plan and motivates them to stay committed to their progress towards their goals.

Vastine helps clients identify and uphold their values.

Vastine Listen to their complaints, concerns, and challenges, and act as a nonjudgmental sounding board for their ideas.

Vastine Provides, empowering emotional and motivational support, especially during crucial decision-making phases and times of opportunities.

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You are a Pearl

If Vastine could transition from shyness to Public Speaking, it is also very possible for you. Vastine’s Communication Coach and mentor (Mr. Les Brown) said; “You don’t have to be great to get started but, you must get started to be great.”

“Many people die of thirst while carrying a bucket of ice!” – Vastine East

This day is your gift to unwrap. Unwrap it! It belongs to you! Think about it!

Vastine’s mission for the rest of his life is to be a messenger of hope. He believes each one is born with a purpose, and for a purpose.

“You are A Pearl!” – Vastine East

Dream Renaissance

Vastine defied all odds.  He is a proud survivor of growing up poor in materialistic things, but not spiritually, Vastine motto is, “Born poor made my life rich!” He appreciates the opportunities, wonderful people from all walks of life that inspired and helped him along his journey, was and will remain his loving compass!

His great desire at this stage in his life, is to inspire the world with a call to, “A New Renaissance,” for a better World!

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