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Vastine East story telling was inspired by his late mother Ferns nightly story telling when he was a boy. He studied at the Institute of Children’s Literature. He was inspired to publish Maasai Man as an illustrated children book from the encouraging of the Institute of Children’s Literature instructor, Virginia Castleman and later followed by three exhilarating dream fulfilled visits to Africa. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Yvette M. East.

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Do you know a child with a disability? Vastine East’s I Swam With An Angel is a colorful picture book that offers a glimpse into the life of a child with a disability, as narrated by his cousin. Follow a boy in a wheelchair becoming a fixture in his own little world and how that world discovers the disabled boy’s humanity and strengths. It is a powerful message of acceptance that melts and dissolves the various faces of prejudice and ignorance. Initially from Jamaica, ten-year-old Cornell was born with a rare disease that made it impossible for him to walk. After the divorce of his parents, he was then sent to his aunt’s house, something nine-year-old Jaime thinks is a wrong idea. When Cornell first arrived to Jaime’s house, they were like water and oil. Jaime did not like the idea that he bragged too much about things he could not do, like swim or sail a boat. But when Cornell started to get sick, Jaime began to realize the real meaning of strength and how strong Cornell really is.

Follow this boy’s touching life… Beautifully illustrated by Ivy Marie Apa, I Swam With An Angel reminds everyone that love and courage is never handicapped.


Capture the wild spirit of nature and man’s identity as dictated by that same nature with Vastine East’s bone fide classic in children’s literature. Coming of age never had such timelessness and community with God’s creatures and God’s earth as it does in Maasai Man.

Being predator or prey is the way of life on the East African Serengeti. Maasai Man dramatizes such an occasion when a lone hyena secretly witnesses from the tail brown brush of the Serengeti a lone, frightened and skinny young Maasai boy struggling with fear and self doubt, facing the terror of the Serengeti. The young Masai boy will determine if he will be prey or predator in Vastine East’s powerful, moving new book on growing up as a Maasai on the African savannah–capturing the complex ritual between man and nature incorporated into the training of a young Maasai boy.



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Vastine East writes to inspire greatness and courage in the lives of his audience. He is determined to change lives with his words, not only through speaking but through writing

I swam with an Angel

Awaken by the Ants

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Vastine is a great writer, the words in his book "I Swam with an Angel" has a way of connecting to the souls of his readers. it was really so touching and inspiring at the same time

Joyce Marks, CEO, JDH

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