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Dream Renaissance

Visiting Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Senegal and Tanzania are just my beginning to inspire my people to Dream!! We made a historical Pitstop in the America’s and the rest of the world where we didn’t plan! Its up to us now to use our minds and put the peanut and sports in Perspective!! Google the great minds of African decent, I dare you! Learn of the Scientific, Engineering, Medical, Military, Agricultural, Educational, Religion….whew!!! Just a few areas of knowledge that build nations!! We excelled as 3/5 of a man! Think about it! Read our story on a dark night!! Oh yes….the old lightbulb: Lewis Latimer an inventor helped chase away the dark!! And if you’re wondering about charting the stars….there are few good women of African decent that know the math! Build your Rockets!!
Time to be a whole people Again!

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